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Posted by Alissa Hauser on Jul 18, 2014
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In my home there's been some discussion (ok, heated debate) about the horrible situation in Israel/Palestine. Everywhere I look, people take self righteous sides that end up dividing people further into their camps of hate and intolerance. I've been trying to look for the places of empathy in the situation- all the human beings who are suffering and at the impact of a world full of so much intolerance, violence and hate. This article "We Aren't Gonna Change the World" by Kazu Haga, of the East Point Peace Academy, really put it in perspective for me. I think it is the very best thing I've read about this situation, and really anything that overwhelms me in hopelessness.  Kazu talks a lot about the future- and using his life now to build frameworks for the future. The humility it takes to not fix it now, but to be patient and work towards the long goal.

Here's a beautiful video that Kazu shows about a nature and community based version of this -- The Living Bridge -- which reminds us that it isn't and is never about us, but about laddering the future:

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  • Sheetal Sanghvi wrote ...

    Was a blessing to visit these sacred living root bridges of Meghalaya this summer!