DailyGood: The Good, The Bad, And The Bug-ly

Posted by Viral Mehta on Jun 9, 2007
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Emails from DailyGood Subscribers are often very appreciative of the efforts that volunteers make in putting positivity out every day. Sometimes these emails can be critical. And sometimes they are both sweetly appreciative and at the same time offering constructive criticism -- not because something is annoying, but because a person genuinely feels that it is in the broader, common interest. This recent email is a great example:
Oh how I enjoy your inspirational messages... I love them!
Thank you for offering this to the "world" out there.

I am hesitant to bring this to your attention however I feel you may appreciate knowing. If you would change the word "crazy" to "outlandish" it would be appreciated by millions of people that suffer with a mental illness. The stigma that is attached to mental illness often prevents people from seeking help .

Thank you for your consideration,compassion and understanding.
Of course, we've made the change on our website ...

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  • Chidi Israel wrote ...

    l want to thank God for his doing, l also want to thank you all who. may God bless all of you in Jesus name.