A Magical Call With Conrad Pritscher

Posted by Somik Raha on Jul 12, 2014
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Today's magical Awakin call with Conrad brought many special moments for us. In particular, I was reminded of an experience with Jayesh Patel during a visit last year. He told me of a street vendor passing by, who appreciated the beautiful flowers Jayeshbhai had once planted. Upon meeting Jayeshbhai, he plucked a few gorgeous flowers and handed it to him. 

Conrad Pritscher has planted so many seeds for us, and like the street vendor, it was our turn today to gift him a fruit that has resulted from his actions - a book (preview edition) taken from his own reflections to Awakin passages, sourced from here!

Here's Conrad with the book (and looks like he was also tagged with a beautiful heart):

Nimo holding the phone for Conrad to participate in our call:

Nimo and Conrad's wife, Kay:

Conrad and Kay:

This labor of love had many hands, and as you can see, our beloved Nimo and Audrey were right there with him and his wife, Kay. 

Nimo and Audrey had quite an adventure of trust to get the book to Conrad's hands in time. We had just finished editing here in the Bay Area, and they rushed it to a Fedex near Toledo. Audrey wrote of the subsequent adventure:

By the way, we had an amazing adventure with the folks at the store-- they actually close at 9pm, but we had an event tonight so couldn't get there til 10pm, so, they left it in a box with my name near a trash compacter, hidden behind a wooden platform, so that the security people who patrol the grounds don't mistake it for something and throw it away. :-) AND the best part is, I was supposed to pay for it over the phone whenever they finished it, but because I told them I'd be at an event and not be able to pick up my phone during it, they told me not to worry about paying for it tonight, that I can just call in the payment tomorrow. I love how Conrad's genuineness and an intention/gift powered by so much collective love naturally fuels that kind of trust. :-)

Nimo added:

It was so awesome hearing Audrey, calling one Kinko after another and even us visiting a kinkos, and just seeing how this unfolded​. Thought you guys would enjoy these photos taken at 1030pm in a kinko's parking lot!!! :)))) Definitely a little shady, but beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

In an email, Guri summed up our feelings really well:

I personally haven't seen someone embrace death in the way that he has, so its quite an honor to learn from him his journey. ​Just over a month ago, Conrad had sent us that letter. Now there's a book compiled with some beautiful insights from him and we'll have a chance to share his story with the world​.

Conrad's book is almost ready for primetime. Stay tuned.


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Comments (7)

  • Viral wrote ...

    Amazing that the ecosystem got to have this time with Conrad and the behind-the-scenes glimpse, thanks to all of you invisible angels!

  • Afreen Malim wrote ...

    What a joyful roller coaster of love pouring out -- the pictures are precious! :-)

  • Mia Tagano wrote ...

    So beautiful, on so many levels.

  • Nandini wrote ...

    Thanks Somik (and Audrey, Nimo, Amit, and Conrad & Kay) for helping facilitating such a tender and loving call! I loved Conrad's reminder that kindness brings awareness. There were so many beautiful lessons imparted, but the sweetest for me was the residue of simple loving that it left - and gratitude for being able to honor such a rich human life!

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Thanks for so much for weaving this together, Somik! And for this incredible community that makes it easier to carry bring sincere intentions into fruition. :) And the cherry on top of this visit was, as we were leaving, Conrad sat up in his chair to hug us goodbye (despite feeling very tired and low energy), and smothered us both with grandfatherly kisses. :-)

  • Ammi wrote ...

    Conrad's call will not be forgotten

  • Varsha wrote ...

    I've read many of his sharings on the Awakin blog. May his soul rest in peace...feel he had lessons for us all.