Matching The Violence With Nonviolence, Matching The

Posted by Alissa Hauser on Jul 1, 2014
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Last Saturday evening, The Pollination Project hosted Pancho Ramos Stierle for our bi-monthly salon series. It was a great evening among friends, sharing silent reflection, vegan dinner made from local vegan food mostly gathered from neighbors gardens, and then hearing Pancho talk about his recent arrest and some lessons he learned. The big takeaway for me was: The more the violence escalates, the more we have to escalate the love. We have to match the level of fear/violence with a similar level of love/nonviolence. Pancho spoke about the BART attendant who was new and who he struggled to reach at a heart level. He spoke about his "bazooka of love" that he chose not to blast at her in order to respect and stand up for the african american youth who were listening to the conversation.

I hadn't given much thought to modulating the amount of kindness and love I am going to insert into a situation. I just do my usual level of kindness and love and didn't realize I could go bigger in a more escalated situation, or go smaller in a situation where an onslaught of love and kindness might be overwhelming and seem off putting to the other person. I notice I sometimes hold back in situations where I am scared and overwhelmed with my own fear of looking stupid, or of not being physically safe. And sometimes I do way too much in situations where a simple act of kindness would suffice.

Pancho's story, for those of you who missed it, is here:

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