Emotions That Make Online Content Go Viral

Posted by Bhoutik Mehta on Jun 18, 2014
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If a piece of content makes a reader feel a certain way, the reader is more likely to share it on social media.  Which emotions lead to the most shares?  BuzzSumo's Noah Kagan analyzed the top 10% of articles that get shared online. From those articles, he found that articles that make a reader feel "awe" get shared most. Making a reader laugh means a higher probability of sharing too. Articles that make people feel sad get shared infrequently.  Other factors that contribute to an article's shareability include length (aim for about 2,000 words) and use of photos. [Via Business Insider]


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Comments (1)

  • Deven P-Shah wrote ...

    Hi Bhoutik:

    Loved the thought and topic with this.

    I think end of the day, it's about appealing to the hearts when it comes to communication. Stories are so effective with that.

    Another side to it is I think quality of the message itself. When it is coming from the heart and it has genuine credibility to it, it brings out the best in all - writers, readers, comments... etc.