Super Day At Handmade Hope

Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Jun 18, 2014
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Yesterday morning three new interns from Mexico came to our workshop. Babita ben wasn't around and there was no one else from the volunteers available who could talk and teach them how to make the paper bags. I asked Hans if he would like to teach them how to make the bags.
 Even though he had never taught anyone before, somewhere I was sure the precision with which he would do it, no one else can. He proved me right.
Firstly, he dint pick up brown papers and took newspapers instead because that's what we start with when someone has to be taught how to make bags. He taught step by step perfectly how to make the bags and the best part was towards the end when they made their bags, he brought the label of "handmade hope" and stuck it on the bottom of the bags as we always do it with all our bags.
I am super proud of what I have been able to do with Handmade Hope with the support of so so so many people together.
This incident of yesterday is an important milestone of our journey with Handmade Hope.
 About Hans: â€‹Hans is a perfect example of unconditional love and affection. He has his own pranks in place. A Fantastic dancer, quick learner, creating a new vocabulary which you have never heard before, bronze medalist in Special Olympics-twice! With down syndrome and after being in special school for children now he works with us because he feels he has a responsiblity towards his parents as a son. 

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