Forest Call With Vilma Caban-Vasquez
--Afreen Malim
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Jun 16, 2014

We recently heard the unraveling of a powerful life story of Vilma Caban-Vasquez who was a featured guest on an Awakin Call.  

She took us through a journey that was filled simultaneously with pain and hope; but ultimately rooted in the appreciation for harsh struggles life can bring and the opportunity they offer for greater and deeper connection with the people and places we come across.  Through all of the ups and downs -- challenges and lessons -- one can very palpably sense that Vilma's story is an invitation to stretch our hearts wider and deeper, not only for a month or a week or a day, but every moment that lies in front of us.

Vilma's life started from humble beginnings and she later went through a personal crisis that strengthened both her own resilience, and perseverance, as well as her gratitude toward her mom for inheriting the seeds of these qualities.  The powerful life experiences which contained many uphill battles for Vilma only led her to find within herself a deep reservoir of love and the wisdom for forgiveness. She applied compassion even toward that harshest challenges that had broken her spirit and thus transformed them into opportunities to find and strengthen her roots of service.

Upon hearing her story and the sincerity with which she shares her journey, one feels an instantaneous sense of kinship with Vilma.  Her deep and profound empathy toward everything she encounters in the world is evident in the choices Vilma has made.  There is a raw candor with which Vilma shares the powerful, reflective moments which have helped her process the past, acknowledge the power of the present moment and feel a calling for where her future would head.  

The beautiful confluence of political beliefs, spiritual faith, and compassionate values comes together in the unique, inspiring and touching personality of Vilma Caban-Vasqueze, which we were fortunate to have received a small glimpse of.

Posted by Afreen Malim on Jun 16, 2014

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