Awakin Saturdays In Dubai

Posted by Neha Phukan on Jun 14, 2014
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A few of us gathered once again on Saturday to share space and sit in stillness. It was the second Awakin in Dubai and yet another unique and beautiful experience. As always sitting in a group was powerful and our hostess, Sandhya’s home has that special magic which helps quiten down my mind much faster.

The circle of sharing was an enthusiastic one this time - where we spoke about how being aware of the triggers and sensations that lead to anger, acts as a great pause button to change reaction to response. Everyone had insightful comments to share and I took away nuggets of wisdom from each person's authentic expression. One person shared how he felt “stiller” as a result of sitting together as a group in silence, while another lady who has attended the original Awakin Wednesdays at the Mehta home was overwhelmed by gratitude and kept saying she couldn't believe this was happening in Dubai...she felt simply honoured to be in the circle.

Many group hugs, kindness stories and smiles ensued and everyone brought their own unique and special presence to the group. Smile Cards were given out to spread the ripples. I came away feeling humbled because each Saturday reminds me that I've to instill these values of kindness, generosity, stillness and authenticity in my everyday, ordinary life – and for that reminder I’m very grateful.

Deep bows from all of us to the heroes over here at ServiceSpace because y'all inspire us and we love you :) Here're the happy faces to show for it!


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Comments (5)

  • Guri Mehta wrote ...

    Great to hear about Awakin Dubai. So wonderful that you all are creating space for silence and reflection. Beautiful. :-)

  • Nora Campanella wrote ...

    Great group for providing a container of silence, sharing and community. I shared this with my young niece who works in Dubai. Hope she finds it nourishing as I do whenever I attend Nipun's Wednesday group in Silicon Valley.

  • Bela Shah wrote ...


  • Nivendra- Uduman wrote ...

    beautiful to see Chandni in the picture!

  • Dhivyasree Selvaraj wrote ...

    nice to hear about this.
    My sister was in Dubai, feeling not having well of friends or space like this.(I wish I'd known sooner). But I am glad this is happening and hopefully it'll blossom more, ripples all over.