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Posted by Madhusudan Agrawal on Jun 9, 2014
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After two weeks of my walking pilgrimage in Spain (Camino de Santiago), I reached Burgos. And there I met brother Jose, waiting to welcome with big smile and wide arms. Excitedly we both bowed down to each other on the concrete pavement as others looked in wonder. We were both carrying a heart pin for each other. It took several minutes to actually believe that we were both meeting in Spain.

We walked in the ancient Burgos town, passing through the small lanes and one of the biggest cathedrals in Spain.

The house where Jose lives is a gift to him by a friend who believed that this space will create ripples of inner transformation in the world. And this spirit was really bought to life as Jose developed a kitchen garden in the back yard and is now raising three chickens like his own children: Enigma, Alladin and Kami. His two other housemates, Path and Debbie, are equally engaged in various beautiful projects. This home which he lovingly calls the Casa de Paz of Spain, has slowly become a community space and engages in conversations around holistic living and generosity.

Several events happens here occasionally including the Food Sharing which I attended. A Romanian woman shared some delicious cakes and said that she wanted to share this because she does it as an offering to God. She then asked Jose why is he doing this work, and Jose explained a bit about a gift culture, the importance of sharing and small acts of kindness. To which the lady replied with a sparkle in her eyes: "Ahh so you too are doing the work of God!" :)

Later we visited the social entrepreneurship hub which Path helped organize and I shared Moved by Love stories in a circle. With Spain going through a difficult financial time with a high unemployment
rate, some body asked how can we be more generous when we feel scarce? And I thought of the Camino de Santiago, which gives so much to the pilgrims just by its presence and so can we give, not by things but by our authentic self. It's in our greatest suffering, we find an opportunity to develop our capacity to heal.

The next three days were the head , hands and heart retreat, in a beautiful home in a small village generously offered by Jose's parents. It was a special gathering of some beautiful friends and it felt like a celebration of our gifts, friendship and abundance where the sharing was intimate and personal. It was unique in its own way because some participants came for a day some for two and some throughout. There were little children too, in and out and yet it didn't feel intrusive but more alive. Our hearts were filled with joy as we shared food, songs, thoughts, and massages. ;)

I was truly moved by the infectious enthusiasm and silent determination of brother Joserra, who through these little experiments of love reflected the spirit of all world is one family. The retreat ended with a silent walk to the mountains where there was a Peace Pole from none other than our Byakko family in japan. As I hugged and embraced the peace pole, I felt our deep connectedness to the family in Japan, India, US and the world, to all the noble friends, who are silently and invisibly carrying the light through their presence.

In deep gratitude for being part of this sacred web of life. Tonight we will meet in silence in Awakin Burgos and then with all of you in our hearts, Jose and I continue our walking pilgrimage tomorrow on the Camino de Santiago.

With one little step at a time ...   

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Great to hear this, Madhu -- and so beautiful when different parts of the world come together under one love. Jai jagat!