Making Of The Smile And Heart Pins

Posted by chad harper on May 20, 2014
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Last year, while I was in India, I got a chance to visit the woman who anchors the making of the beautiful smile/heart pins -- that have now circled the world, including Mike Tyson!  Below is some of the story on film:

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  • Mataji Gaurima wrote ...

    Nimo and Audrey just left us from the Mothers Trust Ashram in Ganges and left us all transformed and enlightened because of their love and kindness they initiated all who were ready to be a love warrior. We are vowed and ready to sow the seeds of love and kindness by throwing our hearts up to the sky and taking One step at a time. Our feet have not stopped dancing and our hearts beat to the universal consciousness within and without us all. It's Amazing!!!! and we are so thankful for it all. Thank you NIMO!on behalf of Mothers Trust Ashram, we already welcome you back in September and eternally