A Humble Offering To ServiceSpace

Posted by Radha Ivaturi on Apr 27, 2014
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In March of this year, the day before my birthday, I was reflecting on the year that has been. I felt extremely grateful to have been a part of ServiceSpace, so I deeply wanted to make an offering of gratitude.

But what to give? What can I offer to those who offer themselves so generously? As I reflected, I thought about what I've had difficulty achieving in this life. Immediately, an answer came to me -- I have not been able to maintain a regular practice of meditation!

So, that day I took a vow to meditate daily for 1 hour everyday for the next 44 days (44 number is auspicious for Lord Ganesha). And whatever good comes out of that would be my humble offering for all of you.

After I took this vow , I was sharing my intention with a close friend. She immediately said, "Radha, I will do the same to you and this will be my birthday present to you!" It was a first hand experience of how a pure intention gets all the support it needs! So we decided to wake each other up every morning with Skype, and we sat together for an hour everyday. There were some days where we had to meditate separately, but we did it everyday.

Today is the 44th day. I somehow completed my vow all through my chaotic life, with kids and medical practice and the umpteen things that can serve as very good excuses. :) So here it is. Please accept this humble offering. May God bless you, all the wonderful people of ServiceSpace. With deep gratitude and love ... 

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Comments (7)

  • Pavi Mehta wrote ...

    What a Beautiful offering! Thank you for sharing the intention and inspiration Radha :)

  • vinod wrote ...

    The most beautiful and powerful offering in the universe!

  • Hutoxi Boman wrote ...

    God bless you! Whatever you give out returns back threefold!!

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Wow, Radha! What an incredible 44 days (and years :)) it must have been! Thank you for inspiring us with such a sincere and thoughtful offering.

  • Radha Ivaturi wrote ...

    What a nice feeling to see my offering being accepted! I am learning that when one is filled with gratitude , it compels you to share, give and offer ( as Pavi says ) . Here , at servicespace,it is so filled with vibrations of so many wonderful people, it fosters such inspiration. I am but taking baby steps:) . So thank you all.

  • Bela Shah wrote ...

    Wow! So Inspiring and Beautiful and Hopeful...thank you for gifting us on your Birthday:)

  • Deven P-Shah wrote ...

    Hi Radha - reading this made me feel like you are virtually holding awakin space with us. Thanks for your offering. Thanks for being there in moments.