A Couple Days Earlier, Arathi Hosted ...

Posted by Siddharth Sthalekar on Apr 27, 2014
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A couple days earlier, Arathi hosted a beautiful circle for 20 people in her living room in DC. As you'd expect, conversations revolved around the spirit of Gift in our communities and how seemingly small actions can unlock it.

One of the folks present, David was moved by what emerged and decided to go out the next day on the streets to gift rides to people! As Arathi was showing Ashima and me the different sights in the city, we randomly bumped into David, smiling away on his 'Pedicab' explaining how people were so shocked to receive his gift on the streets!

Sure enough, we hopped on and were taken on a lovely ride in the city :) Can't wait to share the story with Udaybhai Rickshawala back in Ahmedabad!


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