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Posted by Suzanne Toro on Apr 22, 2014
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Today, I children's bikes and a basketball hoop to the family that takes care of the landscape where I am renting my home. They are very sweet and have joyful children. A neighbor called the police on them. The neighbor did not recognize them and was concerned they were stealing the items I had gifted them. I am so thankful I stayed home and was able to explain to the police. Fortunately, the officer asked if I spoke enough Spanish to explain the misunderstanding to the couple. So, in my broken Spanish, I explained to these dear people...why the neighbors were concerned. I apologized again after the police left. How I dream of a day when we no longer have to even think someone is "stealing" anything. How I dream of day when "we" no longer need or want to steal. How I dream of a day that police arrive only to help them load the bikes into the truck. Until then, I am grateful for the opportunity to give more than just bikes and a hoop today! 

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  • matt wrote ...

    A good beginning, a good middle and a great end, this is how we develop trust and fidelity and real intimacy, we work with the world as it is. Everyone doing their part perfectly imperfect. This is part of the hectic unpredictable giving with no conditions. You did fabulous. Congrats kids will be joyfully riding those bikes soon!

  • Suzanne wrote ...

    Thank you Matt...yes! that is the mystery and joy of giving. We never know what will unfold. Thank you again for your kind insights and words.

  • ilonka Wloch wrote ...

    Suzanne, thank You for this post and thank You for acting to contradict racism with kindness!

  • Suzanne wrote ...

    Wow...SO to add to this story! I was just out back with the same couple and I was giving her this archway for their garden. She then knocked on my door with something that had gone missing from my home a year ago. It was something very sacred to my heart. I gave her a HUGE hug!Another inspiring at witnessing what is possibile if we all just care for one and another as family!