Sweet Ripple -- Thank You All!
--Nimo Patel
1 minute read
Apr 4, 2014


Got this beautiful note yesterday: "I heard about your Empty Hands Tour from the ServiceSpace ecosystem. When I read your story, I realized I attended one of your Karmacy concerts in San Francisco many years ago. Back then I was a different person... living the so called "dream", running after materialistic things and never feeling satisfied... Listening to your music, I felt a connection with a sense of deep longing in your songs. And I am usually not one to buy CDs, but I bought yours back then.

Now after so many years, here I am again, listening to your music... but what a wonderful transformation. Now I can connect to the newfound beauty of our hearts that flows through your songs.

And again, I want to buy your CD. Except this time, I want to buy all of them. :-) So you can give them away for free. :-) Let me know how. Love and hugs :-)"


Posted by Nimo Patel on Apr 4, 2014

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