A Soulmate Across The Border

Posted by Chintan-Girish Modi on Mar 30, 2014
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Yogeshbhai Mathuria wrote this heartwarming story of India-Pakistan friendship for 'Friendships Across Borders: Aao Dosti Karein', an initiative the seeks to build on the power of personal friendships to transform the long-standing hostility between India and Pakistan. Read more about it here: www.facebook.com/fabaaodostikarein​

Yogesh Ravindra Mathuria (the one wearing the short white kurta) from Mumbai writes a heartfelt piece about his friendship with Dr Amir Abbas Soomro (the one wearing the printed shirt) in Karachi.

I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Amir Abbas Soomro on Facebook, thanks to a Sindhi friend/brother Sanjay Mudnaney (the one wearing the checked shirt) from Mumbai. Somehow, I felt destiny was waiting for us to get connected. Very soon, I got very close to him, especially after understanding that we both have a lot of things in common. In Dr. Amir, I see a person who is qualified to be a medical doctor, and also holds degrees in Law and Biology but chooses not to work in either the corporate world or have his own medical or legal practice. Instead, he chooses to pursue his interest in sharing his heart through his writing and deepening his connection with Sufism.

In just about two months of our friendship through Facebook, I learnt that Dr. Amir was planning to visit India on a personal mission to support his nephew’s heart surgery in New Delhi. I jumped with excitement when I heard this, and immediately got in touch with him on WhatsApp, requesting him to visit Mumbai. He graciously agreed to.

Dr. Amir had a very eventful trip to India, which enabled me to understand him better. Once his primary work of helping his nephew with the surgery was done, he started visiting various places of historic value around New Delhi. Many of these were Sufi shrines, and it made me happy to see the joy on his face in his photographs at those divine places.

After this, he went over to Mount Abu, where he was felicitated by the Brahmakumaris. His work was appreciated and supported by several people there. I was deeply touched by his connection with his heart, which brings out how pure a soul he is.

When I got to know that Dr. Amir was coming to Mumbai straight after Mount Abu, I invited him to stay with us. I was a bit hesitant at first because we have a small house, and I did not want him to be uncomfortable. He accepted my invitation very sportingly. I was eagerly looking forward to this opportunity to meet a person from across the border, someone who was driven more by his heart than this mind.

To receive and welcome Dr. Amir at my house in Kandivali, a western suburb of Mumbai, was a special moment in my life. His three days with us went by quickly. I felt closer than ever to my dreams about world peace, and the ultimate goal of a borderless peaceful world. I felt so much warmth that I was convinced that my dream would not remain just a dream.

I was promised all possible support to get a visa for my peace pilgrimage to Pakistan. Not only that, I was also invited to visit Karachi along with my family. Three days did not seem enough but it was good to know that we had technology at our disposal in order to communicate frequently.

Dr. Amir began to share my vision of a peace pilgrimage with many people from his circle of influence back home in Karachi, and I was flooded with Facebook friend requests from across the border. I am really humbled by his extraordinary heart and support. I also believe quite strongly that this is just the beginning. Our brotherhood will support us to bring a bit of peace to the world, especially between our two countries.

I keep seeing pictures of his beautiful daughter and two handsome sons. I hope to meet them soon. Dr. Amir also has feelings of great warmth and respect for my family. I feel blessed to have found a soulmate across the border.

Note: The girl next to Yogesh Mathuria is his daughter Bhumi Mathuria, and the gentleman standing between Yogesh Mathuria and Dr. Amir Abbas Soomro is their friend Jayesh Patel from Ahmedabad.

About the Author: Yogesh Mathuria describes himself as a 'peaceful warrior and life coach'. Having left a well-paying, jet-setting career in the field of Information Technology for over two decades, he now runs the Wellness Lounge in Mumbai. He believes that inner transformation and world peace go hand in hand. He plans to do a walking pilgrimage from Mumbai to Islamabad in the last quarter of 2014. 

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