My First Awakin Meditation Circle

Posted by Priyanka Shruti on Mar 24, 2014
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Almost a month ago I was able to attend an Awakin Circle in Santa Clara. I was so tired from work, and had a tad bit of social-anxiety, that I almost didn't go. I called my boyfriend as I was on my way there, although still half hearted about truly arriving, and he reminded me to honor my commitment. After all the internal stress I created for myself, I was ultimately so glad I went. I met so many wonderful people, that I was inspired and motivated to start my own Awakin meditation circle here in Ohio.

Last Wednesday 3/19/2014 I held my first circle, and seven people showed up. There were a few cancelations due to the weather, and Medina, Ohio is in the boondocks, however those who did come were glad they did. The reading for the day was the piece by Krishna Das- Practice Without Integration is a Waste. It was perfect, for the attendees had meditated alone, or have things they practice which they want to integrate, so the discussion following was wonderful. They did express that meditating for an hour was difficult for they were not used to such a long period of stillness and quiet. They did realize they needed it. 

We ended with a nice dinner which my mom had prepared, and a few others had brought snacks to contribute. New connections were made and a time for quiet peaceful contemplation was found. So grateful to have found such an amazing community in Santa Clara, on here, and in Ohio!

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Comments (5)

  • Janis Daddona wrote ...

    How wonderful to have folks in central US now showing up on our pages. Keep us posted! Hugs to everyone.

  • Pancho Ramos Stierle wrote ...

    Welcome to the team dearest sister Priyanka and thank you so much for enriching our lives by sharing this sweet starting of the subtle (and not that subtle! ;-)) (r)evolution in the part of the Planet we call Ohio! My heart is singing a loud smile knowing that we are going to be connecting in the Great Silence in another spot of our precious Earth.

    Big hugs from the part of the Planet we call California :-)

    May the Awakin Circles experiences ripple out far and wide in all aspects of your life and community.

    May you have a continuous practice to be able to see and experience boundless love everywhere, all of the time.

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

  • Birju Pandya wrote ...

    Glad to see this Priyanka! Even more than the action is to me your strong intention and will to put into practice :)

  • Conrad P Pritscher wrote ...

    should there be several people around or near Toledo Ohio who are interested in a week in meetings,(repeated since what I earlier dictated did not appear on my screen – – if there are several people near Toledo who wish to have awaken meetings), I would be pleased to host one or more of them in Maumee, Ohio, Please contact Nipun or Somik and they will forward your email messages to me. Thanks much. Warm and kind regards,

    Conrad Pritscher

  • Priyanka Shruti wrote ...