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Posted by Madhusudan Agrawal on Mar 23, 2014
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When Lobsang Tenzin was four years old, in 1943, some monks came to town and he refused to leave them. Surprised by his insistence to become a monk, they examined his spiritual attributes and by the age of five, he was recognized as the fourth incarnation of the revered Samdhong Rinpoche. In 1959, he fled Tibet as Dalai Lama appointed him as the teacher for the exiled monks. And since then, he has chaired many institutions. "If I have to make a choice today  between Dhammapad and [Gandhi's] Hind Swaraj, I will chose Hind Swaraj," he often says.  Deven also had a chance to tell him about ServiceSpace and the recent award from the Dalai Lama ... and when he got our heart pin, he immediately put it on!


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