Greetings All From Downtown Los Angeles ...

Posted by susan schaller on Mar 23, 2014
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Greetings all from downtown Los Angeles where I am a guest of the LA Catholic Worker where I have helped (I hope) them feed thousands of homeless, observed countless acts of kindness, like feet washing and free dental services, and the giving of a thousand little items not accessible to the homeless, from toothbrushes and safety pins to stamped envelopes, paper and pens. I'm awe-struck and full of gratitude that so many hard-working, smiling volunteers show up to serve love and food everyday. Further evidence of the outpouring of hopitality of the LA Catholic Worker, if needed, is their generosity in taking in a weird lady from Berkeley for two weeks, sight unseen. Grace, Peace, and Hospitality, along with hugs, susan 

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  • susan schaller wrote ...

    p.s. what a wonderful typo: Hopitality. Hospitality should always include Hope.