Sister Yuka's Sharings

Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Mar 20, 2014
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I recently found myself sharing sister Yuka's story, and I was looking for various resources that I'm compiling them here. There's our first introduction to the family, then her response to the Japanese tsunami, video from the first of many Karma Kitchen events, inviting various Servicespacers :-) in their ecosystems, her other posts and spreading Giftivism in the part of the Planet we call Japan, and brother Madhu's most recent video featuring footage of her address at the UN.  And we've just dug up some audio clips from one of the most powerful sharings I've *felt* at a Santa Clara Awakin Circle --the so called Kindness Temple-- in 2012...


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  • Yuka wrote ...

    Panchoooo!!! And I just spoke about you And your stories of love to 500 people in Japan ;) I spoke about you past month too, and a woman came up to me and shared me a story recently that the next day by being inspired by your story decided to go up to her boss and say no matter what I love you and I respect you ! And she shared with me they were having difficulties but that changed their situation !! Your inspiring stories creting a ripple of effect in the place of the earth we now call 'Japan'. Big love and hugs. Yuka

  • Pancho Ramos Stierle wrote ...

    :-)! You have touched SO many people in SO many ways dearest sister Yuka! I mean, to be the embodiment of a prayer is great responsibility and surely you have felt what means to bring light every where you go as you do.

    Many people has told me how moved they were, to the degree to tear up, during/after listening to your sharings here.

    Myself was blown away when a couple of months ago, both a "May Peace Prevail On Earth" and the caravan of Longest Walkers (pilgrims walking from coast to coast since the 70's to rise awareness of Native American rights) arrived to Casa de Paz. Of course, the were the perfect stewards to re-bless the peace pole and do a ceremony to kiss the ground of 36th ave in East Oakland. So much beauty and love the pole has witnessed since then.

    Just wanted you to know that I dearly carry you in this heart for angels are of great service in this part of the Planet, we call Oakland! :-)

    May your purity of heart and planetary perspective be infused in society and all necessary things we should do as a Global Family, so that all tasks be dedicated to the Universal Love.

    Love you hermana Yuka! :-)