A Young Gentleman Attended Awakin Circle ...

Posted by Harshida Mehta on Mar 20, 2014
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A young gentleman attended Awakin Circle for the first time in Santa Clara last week: "I just ran into the Awakin website this morning, saw all the ServiceSpace videos, and I don't really have any words." He was mostly new to meditation, but deeply enjoyed the silence and the circle. It's the kind of story we often hear. But then, it was time for dinner, and this young man started tearing up: "I don't think I can receive this food today," he told me. His cup of gratitude overflowed, so much so that he really couldn't receive the meal. After the meal, those who were around discovered that it was Pancho's birthday, and then that home-made-cake-tag (enough for 75 people!) all of a sudden made sense, :) as we self organized into this joyous hug:

This week, we had another beautiful circle with the one person talking about evolving his practices from punching a wall as a teenager, another speaking about dealing with a heartbreak from last weekend and practicing vulnerability, another talking about learning about his Dad's Parkinson's and speaking to him everyday.  John shared beautiful words from martial arts practice that summed up a lot: "How you do one thing is how you do everything.  How you tie your shoe laces is how you tie your black belt."   

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  • Vinya Sankaran Vasu wrote ...

    Thank you for writing about yesterday, aunty :). It was a warm circle filled with heartwarming stories and kinship.