Thought This Would Bring A Smile ...

Posted by Somik Raha on Mar 14, 2014
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Thought this would bring a smile to many in the ecosystem:
Buddhist economics: oxymoron or idea whose time has come?

After students expressed discontent with the traditional economic model and a pervasive "more is better" philosophy, Professor Clair Brown developed a new sophomore seminar featuring Buddhist economics.

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Comments (2)

  • Conrad P Pritscher wrote ...

    Thanks much. You have my gratitude Somik. Smiles and hugs. Excellent article. I will use part of the article in my book on the 1%'s plantation: noticing and the 99%. I look forward to seeing you at our next Internet meeting. Conrad

  • Rushabh Gandhi wrote ...

    Wow! This is something Jignasha had given us to read when she was our visiting faculty in the journalism school!