At A Signal In Andheri

Posted by Jignasha Pandya on Mar 14, 2014
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Beautiful story that Sagar shared today ... At a signal in Andheri today, a young girl came upto me to sell a bunch of roses.  "Sorry, I don't need them," I told her while offering her a chocolate bar that I had.  "Bhaiya, iss mai pet nai bharega," she replied. (Brother, this won't fill my stomach.)  I didn't any extra money to give her, but I did find a box of biscuits so I gave that to her.  She smiled so genuinely.  A sense of contentment filled her bright face.  Seeing that, I also became very happy.  And then, the most beautiful thing happened.  She took out a rose from that bunch and offered it to me!   I was so moved.  "What's your name?" she asked.  "Sagar.  What's yours?"  "Kiran," she said while extending her hand out for a handshake.  I felt ... I just felt blessed.

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