Elementary School Takes On 21-Day Kindness Challenge!
--Nimo Patel
Mar 13, 2014


Guri and friends took the SSp interns practice of daily kind acts and turned it into a 21-day kindness challenge, that ended up inspiring thousands of people around the globe. One of them was an elementary school social worker in New York -- Florri. She wrote, "Sadly, last Friday we lost a 15 year old girl in our district. While the cause of her death hasn't been confirmed yet, we do know that she was heavily drug involved. Unfortunately many communities on Long Island have become drug infested. Our community of Lindenhurst is known to be one of the worst. :(" She started small experiments of kindness with some of her kids, showed the song, and was very happy with the subtle transformations. So she stepped it up, put together a presentation and convinced her entire school to do the challenge! Hundreds of K-5 students. And now, they want to go further into their district, add it into the curriculum, and also have Empty Hands Music Tour visit them. On February 26th, they held a school assembly to celebrate their kindness challenge and I skyped in to sing "Being Kind" and also to express my gratitude to them:


Posted by Nimo Patel on Mar 13, 2014

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