LinkedIn CEO On Kindness App

Posted by Ram Upadhyay on Mar 10, 2014
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Saw this article -- RAK? There Should An App For That -- by the LinkedIn CEO today.  He basically is talking about a fancy app that gathers data about your specifics and offers you specific suggestions for doing acts of kindness.  "Stuck in a fast food drive-thru line? Pay for the person behind you. Finishing up a meal in a restaurant with a server who could use some help? Honor the name of someone you care about with a life-altering tip. See a barefoot homeless person on the street in freezing temperatures? Offer them a pair of shoes."  I have had similar thoughts before that it would be nice to have an app that gives out such suggestions, or at the very least a digitized version of Smile Deck that shows random suggestions.

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  • Bill Miller wrote ...

    Well, I could see that as a helpful for stimulating ideas "offline", but it seems the real value of an act of kindness lies in responding in the moment to another person and their immediate circumstances. If it was done in a predetermined mechanical way, I'm not sure it would have the same effect.

    But all experiments are worth trying!