An Awakin Call To Remember!

Posted by Vinya Sankaran Vasu on Mar 9, 2014
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Yesterday we hosted a very special Awakin Call with a very special person. He goes by many names, but we mostly know him Nipun. :-) We had callers from around the world who called with upwards of 250 RSVP's! While it was hard to type at the same speed Nipun was sharing insights (there were so many!), we were lucky to have captured a few moments to share on social media. :-)

And few tidbits we shared on social media: "You will not find today's Gandhis on TV. They don't seek glory, nor do they wear any uniforms." "My gateway to inner transformation is generosity." "If things are going good, practise kindness. If things are not going good, practise kindness."  "On inner transformation: get out of the way and let nature taking its course." "Everyone unfailingly responds to love."  "I am inspired by nature's organizing principles." "The reduction in my wants leads to an inner simplicity which will then lead to service." "What can I create with the colors has life has put in front of me, in this very moment?  Make art." "We can elevate ourselves to a higher potential, when we say yes to compassion." "If you get tired of doing an act of service, then there is some other motivation getting in the way."  "When you give love to the world, you will be surprised at how the world greets you."  "Do a small act of kindness, pay attention to not only what happens outside but to what happens within you."  "The ultimate privilege is to lead a life of service -- and we can all have it."

And here's the bootleg audio:


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Comments (2)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    What a great joy it was, to be on the call with so many of you! :)

  • Aryae Coopersmith wrote ...

    Vinya thank you for the tidbits! Nipun you were/are inspiring as always!