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Posted by Vinya Sankaran Vasu on Mar 3, 2014
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One of the beauty of Awakin Calls is it offers an opportunity to shine light on everyday change-makers who are being the change! Last Saturday, Moin Khan dazzled us in what Kanchan referred to as her favorite Awakin Call (ever!) and what Bela described as "most inspiring, most authentic".  On the call itself, callers were giving out their addresses so others on the call could stay with them!  Here's the call audio: 

And few tidbits we shared on social media: "When you spend your life doing what you love, you don't earn enough to pay your bills but you go to bed smiling every night." "I planned to go through 17 countries but ended up visiting 22 countries all because I did not have a GPS." "Not a single word of English was shared but we had long conversations." "I love this idea of getting lost and someone will find you and get you food and help you sleep." "Stuff happens, don't panic, it will eventually be all right." 

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