First Awakin Circle In Half Moon Bay

Posted by Aryae Coopersmith on Feb 27, 2014
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We held our first Awakin circle last week at my house, in Half Moon Bay. There were seven of us, and it went beautifully! The hour of silence went very well. For the first circle of reflection we used the "The Power of Patience" by Sharon Salzberg.  Chirag was with us and opened, doing a beautiful job. People could easily relate and opened up immediately with personal stories about dealing with their own impatience. For the second circle of reflection we used the question, "How has living here on the Coastside shaped your life?" Here again we got personal and moving answers.  At the end of the evening everyone was enthusiastic about continuing the circle and several asked about inviting their neighbors. Eventually I'd like to get to a regular twice-a-month schedule, but for now we're proceeding with once a month. The next circle is on March 20!

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