I Was Deeply Saddened To Learn ...

Posted by Janis Daddona on Jan 28, 2014
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I was deeply saddened to learn this morning that the iconic folksinger and civil rights/environmental activist Pete Seeger died at 94. What a life of contribution! The New York Times obituary ended with a most fitting remark: "Through the years, Mr. Seeger remained determinedly optimistic. 'The key to the future of the world,' he said in 1994, 'is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.' "

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Comments (2)

  • Sarah Mozelle wrote ...

    janis, we're on the same page. i just came to this blog to post the great quote you did. reminded me of dailygood.

  • Janis Daddona wrote ...

    Exactly what I thought, Sarah.
    "So long, Pete, it's been good to know ya."