Intergenerational Joy!

Posted by Krishna Desar on Dec 30, 2013
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This holiday season my family did something new. My wife and I with our two young children visited a home for the elderly in our area. This picture says more than my words could express. It was really a magical moment of bliss to be witnessing intergenerational connection on last Sunday. I was grateful that Luniva and Samyak were embracing all those unknown grandmothers without any hesitation. There weren't any barriers for them and they played as if they were all long time friends! Samyak was even able to make one of the grandmothers dance!  I got to witness in person, something I had heard for many years: that when old people stay close to kids their health becomes better and they live longer.     

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Comments (4)

  • Bela Shah wrote ...

    Oh my beautiful Krishna! Luniva and Samyak are sparks of joy...they are so lucky to have you and Sujata as their love warrior parents:).

  • Mia Tagano wrote ...

    Beautiful Beautiful!!

  • Yogesh Mathuria wrote ...

    wonderful.................. love only.

  • lakshmeesha wrote ...

    thats really great krishna :)