Eight Forms Of Capital

Posted by Deven Shah on Dec 10, 2013
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An insightful article referenced in our brainstorming session today...

The Oxford American Dictionary states that capital is, “wealth in the form of money or other assets” and a “valuable resource of a particular kind.” What are these ‘other assets’?

As the authors of this article considered the ‘mapping financial ecosystems’ exercise, a bigger picture began to emerge and these “Eight Forms of Capital” emerged: spiritual, social, material, financial, living (natural), cultural, experiential and intellectual.

The article also talks about the eight forms of currency associated with each form of capital:

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Comments (10)

  • Nisha Srinivasan wrote ...

    Nice and comprehensive map. I like the use of "complexing to"

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Wow, that's a lotta capital!

  • Jon Madian wrote ...

    Very important and useful!!! Will share with others. thx. Wonder your interests & work that brought you to share this?

  • Deven Shah wrote ...

    @Nisha That's the magic of permaculture meeting finance :)

    @Audrey Yeah :)

    @Jon Glad you found it useful too. My professional work has been largely in the intersection of technology, marketing and finance. Personally, on a spiritual journey and walking towards a path of deeply aligning head-hands-heart and be of service to others.
    Currently working on creating a support system for startups where entrepreneurs are grounded in strong values and lead with inner transformation. The intent is to support startups that are motivated by co-creation and value generation as opposed to competition and super-fast growth for the sake of valuation.
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for asking :) Hope to know more about you too and stay connected.

  • Nicole Sumner wrote ...

    I would posit that Creative Capital belongs in with all these forms of capital. Its currency is imagination, metaphor and the ability to interpret life in artistic forms, and it complexes to new languages with which to understand life. The measure of a healthy child or community is the free expression of its creativity. Without creative capital, we're limited in our ability to actualize new ideas and connections, and in our ability to speak to each other in the visual, musical and kinesthetic languages.

  • Alfred wrote ...

    To be aware of all forms of capital enable us to reflect on our behavior and decision making process. It enriches our live and connects us with the inner source of creation which is love.

  • Dave wrote ...

    If I was to map Bridgit to their chart, it is the social capital of ideas, with connections or "bridges" as the currency, and complexing to the influence of ideas and the relationships between ideas.

  • Harpreet wrote ...

    very interesting metrics...thank you

  • Victor wrote ...

    Good details. We only learnt the factors of production as land labor capital organization and technology. This sort of thinking needs to be porpogated. Moreover a recognition that one has more choices to flourish as no one has access to all capital. It is also based on simple observation how intellectual, social and spiritual capitals have been behind servicespace.

    May the almighty bless you and protect you your families and the journeys we are all on

  • Naren wrote ...

    Very interesting perspective. Reminds me of something. Permit me to share.

    My dad had to give up education after 10th grade, they called it matriculation back then. He felt he could work and educate the younger siblings as his older ones did not believe in education much. I had noticed from a very young age, my dad used to show up for any volunteer work in the community, society. The reason could be death, spiritual, community event, bank opening, branch opening for his office. He was among the first ones to show up and the last one to leave. When I came of age, I happened to ask him. He said, "We are bestowed with various skills. Consider them to be your skill bank account or capital. When an opportunity presents, look within and see which of the accounts can you make a withdrawal and be of service. Sometimes it is serving food, sometimes clean-up, sometimes transportation because you have a vehicle, sometimes money so on and so forth. I for one seem to think my lack of educational/intellectual/financial capital is off-set with something else by nature. I serve with those." Mind you this humble dad of mine, was the Managing Director of a Pharmaceutical company that he had joined as a delivery boy. Looking at this article and map, I wonder if I remind him of our conversation and show him this map, what additional insight would he share. Knowing him, he will say, 'Did I say that, I do not recall." Wisdom capital - you have loads of that dad. Gratitude!!