Audrey In India
--Neerad trivedi
1 minute read
Nov 17, 2013


We've had the pleasure of having Her Extra-Audrirariness (Audrey Lin) with us over the last few days, and she has been spreading smiles and cheer everywhere she goes. Recently, few people felt they couldn't meditate daily because their house was too small but then they saw Audrey's example of just quietly meditating in a corner at regular intervals -- and that changed them. In Navi Mumbai, she created a quite revolution with art on the walls, small tags around the clock, and happy smiles to everyone she met. And yes, below is proof about her talk to student council leaders at a college in Pune today (speaking about 21-day Kindness Challenge) -- where lots of kindness ripples are on the way. :)


Posted by Neerad trivedi on Nov 17, 2013

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