Nidia's Quincenara At Awakin Oakland
--Anne Veh
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Nov 16, 2013


the fragrance of love
a rose unfolding gently
into womanhood

Last evening at Casa de Paz, we celebrated Nidia and her quincenera. It was Friday Awakin Oakland; this week in Spanish:) The room was filled with loving beings representing all generations ~ Nidia's dear friends by her side, her family immediate and extended seated in a loving circle around her. There was a feeling of celebration and gratitude in the air as we sat in collective silence. Young Nidia opened the circle with a beautiful reading by Eduardo Galeano, "Aleteos de La Vida." The words flowed from her heart like a song. Mama Nidia, with the fullness of a mother's loving heart, shared a reflection. Many times throughout the sharing, mother and daughter's eyes caught. The love was palpable. "What is time?" Mama Nidia reminded us of the wisdom of her Mayan culture, where no one wears a watch. "We look to the sun." She then reflected on the birth of her first born daughter. We all bask in the tenderness and power of a mother's love. As all the sharing was in Spanish, I missed many words, although it didn't matter, as this is the language of the heart. As each brother and sister shared, we were blessed with a glimpse into a window of each heart. This was truly a very, very special evening! Under the blessings of a full moon, we drank from the Divine Feminine.
After our circle closed in silence, many descended into the kitchen to prepare plates, a meal prepared with love and from the garden at Casa de Paz. Upstairs, the playfulness and joy of youth warmed the home. It was not easy to entice the tight knit group of youth to dinner, and with laughter, humor and some good belly rolls, we all shared a celebratory meal together.
Later in the evening, Nidia and her friends from all parts of her life were intertwined on the couch like a bunch of puppies. We have so much to learn from our children. This evening, our beloved Nidia "Eli" welcomed us all into her heart and her unfolding beauty. As we left, arm in arm, I felt a great hope for our future. Our children, now embracing early adulthood, are leading the way...
Happy Quincenera Nidia!  


Posted by Anne Veh on Nov 16, 2013

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