The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge Kicks Off!

Posted by Viral Mehta on Nov 7, 2013
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Just wanted to share the awesome momentum from the kickoff of our 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. Overall, 9250 people from 119 countries have signed up now, and likely to hit 10K very soon (given that the weekly KindSpring newsletter also just went out)! Very cool that there have been more than 700 stories shared by KindSpring'ers today, and there was a 50% open rate on today's email (which doesn't include those people who don't download images). Just shows how excited people are to practice gratitude!

It has also had a downstream effect with the linked Awakin passage in today's email getting traction and lots of comments. Similarly, in addition to the DailyGood article from Ocean Robbins on the Neuroscience of Gratitude with 58K views, the DG social media team has shared awesome posts like this one that have been shared broadly, like the one with 2500 likes and 1300 shares.

And then we've broadened the circle in new ways, most significantly by collaborating with YES! Magazine on this challenge -- they featured this article by Pavi on gratitude lessons from Karma Kitchen (also picked up by the Christian Science Monitor) to their 80K email list, allowing us to share the challenge with so many in their ecosystem of compassionate activists.

We also received this very sweet blessing from Brother David Steindl-Rast, likely the foremost global champion of gratitude. Then, the Huffington Post Good News channel asked us for an article that would invite their readers to join, so we quickly put together "Four Reasons to Join the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge" :), which they then shared with the millions following their Twitter accounts.

The numbers are fun but most important of all is that so many people are clearly being touched by their own practice of gratefulness. For instance, one of today's participant reflections:

"Sufficiency: My places of sufficiency...shelter, food, access to clean water, education, transportation, income, health, relationships and connections to others, a sense of belonging in the world, the joy of experiencing laughter, the desire to live with an open heart, knowing that there is true magic and beauty in our world, from the tiny atom to the vast universe...I'm very grateful for the opportunity to move from a scarcity mindset to a sufficiency mindset. Today's mantras: I am enough. There is enough."

It's beautiful to be sharing this goodness. One thing I was struck by is how interwoven the ServiceSpace ecosystem is, internally and "externally." Yet another facet of gratitude -- to powerfully link ​so many in seamless interconnection.  

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