This Halloween We Decided To Give ...

Posted by Ram Upadhyay on Nov 1, 2013
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This Halloween we decided to give a smile card with the candies to the kids. Smile card was clearly a bonus :) Kids, who could read, started reading with a surprise. One kid said "Whoa! a card... Smile... Cool! :)". Parents accompanying them too found it interesting. The little ones too, who did not know how to read, were asking for the card as well (One of the kids came back saying "I did not get a card!" and made sure he got one, which was cute!). This was lot of fun!!

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Comments (3)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    What a great idea Ram!

  • Kanchan Gokhale wrote ...

    I agree! Great idea!!

  • Ellen Versluis wrote ...

    What a wonderful idea Ram! I imagine we could use this lovely idea in other (unexpected) situations too?? These days we're hardly receive 'real cards' anymore, and I'm happy to find an other card enthusiast! Thanks for sharing, I'll remember.