Nipun-san's Three Days In Tokyo

Posted by Yuka Saionji on Oct 26, 2013
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Nipun-san just spent three days in Tokyo, and we are still feeling the ripples of it far and wide. Karma Kitchen organizers from various cities convened a circle to ask deep questions about the gift economy -- and by night time, people were already sharing on Facebook. At another talk, various people were moved to tears and now want to host a Giftivism gathering with Nobel Laureates! A Japanese filmmaker interviewed Nipun-san about a film on gift-economy and by the end, he decided to change his film to be on inner transformation. A Gandhian professor trained 12 hours to join a gathering, an admin couldn't get to attend a talk but came up to him to spontaneously offer a momento from his desk, and after a circle on the last day, people exchanged emails to hold another circle to deepen their understanding of gift-economy ideas. We hosted our first Awakin Tokyo, and another one is already in the works. I was translating the entire time, and its so amazing that even without the power of language, the Japanese people could understand and resonate with ServiceSpace values. Even as we were training to the airport, people had emailed me questions that I asked Nipun-san and recorded on my phone. Below is a photo of a universal language ... that's how we all felt.

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