Four Wednesdays Later
--Dinesh Mehta
2 minute read
Oct 6, 2013


About a month ago, a recent Stanford grad came to our local Awakin gathering with his friend; as people in the circle spoke about looking critically within their inner selves, he spoke about how his life was great but that he sensed a lot of fear and regret in the circle.  Yet, his heart felt alive in an unexplainable way, and he came back next week -- alone this time.  When it was his turn to speak, he said, "This is my second time, and I just want to say that these circles get better every time."  He repeated something of the sort the third week.  In an after hours conversations, he said with a tone of seriousness, "You know, I was telling a friend that somehow I'm a nicer person on Thursday and Friday instead of Monday and Tuesday.  I think its the Wednesday after-effect."  This week was his fourth (and he seems to enjoy keeping a counter :)).  Before he left, he said, "Somehow, I don't know why, but I had this unrelated thought in the circle today -- that I've never thanked my parents.  Ever.  I just don't do that, but today, I was thinking that maybe I should."  By the end of that conversation, he decided that he would.  I don't know if this kind of work qualifies as activism, but we feel grateful that our little family room gets to hold space for these subtle shifts that are perhaps irreversible. 


Posted by Dinesh Mehta on Oct 6, 2013