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--Heidi Erhardt
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Oct 3, 2013

Thank you, all, particularly the Urban Ashram gang in Pune that have inspired me to carry the ripple out here in Hawaii.

The Awakin's are going SO well here in Mauii. I absolutely love hosting them and everyone coming is enjoying them tremendously. I'm recently went for a ten day retreat, but have several people even hosted it in my absence. ;)

Our first gathering was an introduction and gathering of my most beloved friends. A few of us made dinner for about 25 friends at my friend's beautiful home at the top of the mountain here in Maui incredible sunset view. He has a large screen TV so I showed Nipun's Ted Talk and many of the videos from YouTube in regards to acts of loving kindness (Bhumi's video for one) and some from I Am the Change as well. Amazing serendipity. My host Kit had actually produced one of the videos from I am the Change, The Power of One! Full Circle. The following week we gathered at my friend Jada's home and made cards and planned our first Love Warrior outreach on the streets. These are the two German girls I had to come home and host…tired after a full night! About 15 of us for this one.

Then we did our Flash mob. I think we're naming ourselves 'Love Brigade'. It was so fun and easy. Went really well. About ten of us, one hour and we handed out flowers, chocolate kisses, hugs, cards and blew bubbles. We held the signs up and even had someone join us and tag along holding one of the signs! We had three kids with us too which made it all the more fun.

And tomorrow will be my third 'Awakin' mediation circle. Again just super sweet and simple. It's been 7 or 8 people, silence and a sharing, and a homemade Heidi -made kitcherie meal. Will keep you updated for sure. We'll probably gather again in a week or so to make cards and plan the next love brigade. I'm still feeling out the group and gathering enough volunteers before I plan the first Seva Cafe/Karma Kitchen. And am not sure if i should do it in a private home or in one of the local restaurants, probably private home at first :).

In the spirit of Pune's open-source book shelf, I've opened up my library and have friends checking books out now. It feels so good to share and turn people on to the books that inspire me most.


Posted by Heidi Erhardt on Oct 3, 2013

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