Thank You, ServiceSpace Community!

Posted by Sachi Maniar on Oct 2, 2013
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It has been beautifully overwhelming to receive all the feedback on the video -- and its only been out for 12 hours!  The emails, KarmaTube comments, KindSpring emails ... I'm just so SO grateful for all the love, and the beautiful community that ServiceSpace is and nurtures.  It encourages the best in us, and thank you so much for bringing out the best in me.  Here is one of my favorite messages that we received today: 

"I woke up today with a heavy heart, as I do many mornings, and was so uplifted by the video and what you do. Thank you for reminding of what I know but often keep forgetting: that there are many good people, much beauty and kindness in this world. We just have to stop and look, because it is everywhere.  And something really fun and unexpected happened. I fell in love with the beautiful handmade hearts so much so that I am off to the fabric store and plan on making some in order to give them away. And I have decided to call myself a heartmaker : )  I don't think it's possible to remain sad when you are making pretty hearts. Who knows what this may be the beginning of!  I really loved the song and video. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.  Love ... " 

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Comments (2)

  • Guri Mehta wrote ...

    Sachi thanks for sharing! :-) It's been beautiful to see the process.

  • Rahul Brown wrote ...

    Phenomenal work, Sachi... and team!