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Posted by Ana Miller on Aug 4, 2013
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Two months ago a friend of mine, who is a childminder, introduced me to a Portuguese lady who moved to our little town less than a year ago. I am always excited to meet new people but if they are from my home country that makes me even happier. At the moment she is about to give birth and unfortunately she has had some difficult life challenges and her partner is not very keen on becoming a father so I have been accompanying her to doctor appointments ( she does not drive ), going shopping with her, taking her treats and making sure she feels as supported as possible. Last Friday after the midwife's appointment that asked us to return next week ( her time finished last week ) we went shopping and as I had 2 discount coupons, I gave her 1 because it is normal for me to share, no big deal :-) what I love most is the look on her face ... giving with no strings attached is still difficult for her to understand at times, I look forward to helping her in any way she needs and above all I would like to help her to discover the world of loving kindness :-) My heart is also full of gratitude for my family, my husband canceled most of his extra-work commitments for these two weeks because I can be called to go to the hospital at any time and he has to stay home looking after my daughter, my daughter has also been very supportive and it is lovely to see how in a few weeks this lady became part of my family.

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