What If Every Day Was An Awakin?
--Khushmita Sanghvi
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Jul 28, 2013


“Imagine how incredible it would be if every day of the week was a Wednesday!” asked Prem, a dear friend of ours and a regular at our Awakin's, as we were doing the dishes post an Awakin circle last summer.

Little did we know that one year down the line, we would witness 5 awakin gatherings in Pune on different days of the week!

Last week created a major shift within me as I sat for an Awakin gathering on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Pune. It just brought my whole being into an emerging clarity and truly brought about an 'Awakening' moment in my life. All that I am searching for is right here, all around me. My only job is to 'show up' :)

Monday Morning 6am at Holistic Health Centre

Prem initiated this circle of wonderful sisters who live in a mission at the top of a serene hill in the city, about a year ago and started hosting the gathering in their chapel. 10-15 sisters have been regularly sitting for the customary 1 hour in silence, followed by the passage and round of sharing, closing this sacred circle with a simple breakfast offered to all. The sister's feel so calm and grateful after every gathering that they have now begun attending our Wednesday circle whenever they get a chance. According to Sister Josephine, it has brought a new meaning and depth to their lives and they wish to host these gatherings at all their center's across the country now :)

Tuesday Evening 7pm at Neeti's home, Nigdi:

Neeti, a wonderful soul who connected with Nipun bhai after reading a blog of his and then was in for a surprise when he replied that he was in India and would be visiting Pune soon! She promptly arrived at the urban ashram to meet him on the day of his scheduled talk and has been a regular part of all our service retreats and initiatives ever since. Neeti, with a lot of support from her husband Sanjeev and 16 year old son Yash, has been hosting 'Awakin's' every Tuesday in her lovely home in Nigdi, an hour away from Pune post the Giftivism retreat in December 2012.

Last week, after the hour of silence at her home, we were blessed to listen to 'Baa', a beautiful grandmother, 87 years of age share some wonderful wisdom with us. All of us returned home nourished by the beauty in 'Baa's' words and the warmth of love in Neeti's home :)

Wednesday Evening 7pm at Sheetal's home, Pune:

Sheetal started hosting Awakin's at his Parents home in Pune, 6 years ago. It originally started with Sheetal, his mom and 2 other friends sitting every wednesday, inspired by the original Awakin home in Santa Clara. For Sheetal, the Awakin's defined his purpose to 'be'. As he always shares, it was these sacred gatherings that slowly and steadily helped him grow, week after week and the sheer commitment to hosting these Awakins every wednesday, come hail or storm for the last 6 years is what he defines as the turning point in his life :) The Urban Ashram, as he fondly calls his home now hosts almost 20-30 guests every week as we sit in silence and support each other's journey as 'kin'.

Thursday Evening 7pm at Aabha's home, Baner:

For Aabha Gupta, a chance encounter with the love warriors at a Giftivism retreat in Pune last december, completely changed her outlook towards life.

Aabha began attending the Awakin Gatherings in various parts of the city quite regularly and felt extremely nourished.

Very recently, by a stroke of serendipity, she moved into a fairly large apartment in Baner. While she was chatting with us one day, everyone thought that we should have a house warming for Aabha and maybe do an Awakin circle at her new place! She was delighted and immediately agreed :) we invited a few noble friends and had a wonderful Awakin at her place. it's been 3 weeks now, and Aabha has continued hosting the Awakin every thursday at her home since then :) Her warmth and generosity never fail to inspire and motivate all of us.

Thursday Evening 4pm at Dignity Foundation, Pune.

Prem, our dear Awakin warrior also initiated this wonderful gathering every thursday with a group of senior citizen's at Dignity foundation. It has been over a year now where she regularly host's these gatherings every week with them. Her commitment and consistence with Awakin's is a real motivator for so many of us as she sits in various circle's week after week with a wonderful smile on her face :)

As I relive all those moments of silence, heartfelt sharings and nourishing home cooked meals full of love and metta, I offer gratitude and love in the most sincerest form to the Mehta Family for gifting us this joy of sharing our silence with noble friends and strengthening our inner world's in the most sacred way of all...thank you..thank you..thank you


Posted by Khushmita Sanghvi on Jul 28, 2013

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