Raj's Poem On Being In Service

Posted by Suzanne Toro on Jul 25, 2013
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The ripples are always fun to observe.  Last week, bunch of us met in LA during Nipun's trip.  As everyone shared their small service moments, filmmaker named Raj said he only had one of them, many years ago.  Since the circle, though, he's been thinking and just sent along this beautiful poem ... 

Being in Service to Others

I recently was at a friend’s house, his name is Popatbhai.
Fifteen year I have known him, he is still a nice guy.

This time it was something new, they called it a circle
I am wondering among the present, which one was the oracle.

A bright young man talked about it, introduced it soon
He told us about the circle, his name he said is Nipun

“What to say”, “how to say” was on everybody’s mind
Nipun said few things, he helped our thoughts to unwind

This lady named Suzanne, she was first to share.
She told us about jumping off the cliff, how she had dare.

One by one it went around, until everyone felt free.
No, no, wait, Popat-bhai has a story, not one, two but three.

Stories were very interesting, our ears and mind had focus. 
When they ended we looked around, food was really staring at us.

We eat a lot, we realized what an amazing sharing we had
Inspiring were the stories from circle at Nipun’s Mom and Dad

It was late, I called it a night, while walking to my E-friendly Prius
A thought said to me, "Being in service of others is the only way we can free us."

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  • Neerad wrote ...

    Its beautiful. Maybe Nimo could make a quick Rap out of this.