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Posted by Vinya Sankaran Vasu on Jul 8, 2013
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One of the beauty of Forest Calls is it offers an opportunity to shine light on everyday change-makers who are being the change! Last week, we had the honor of having a conversation with one such hero, Vlad Moskovski. Here are few words of wisdom (all in less that 140 characters :-)) that we shared on social media.

 "The purpose of my life came down to being of service in the greatest possible way." "On the surface it looks like I'm teaching yoga, but there is more depth that is below surface.‚Äč" "Everytime I interact w/ people, I'm teaching them how to breathe better and feel better." "But really what I want for them to do is have an experience of freedom, peace, and unity w/ the world." "I live in a community where we have intentional values that we have all agreed upon." "We are all committed to improving ourselves through meditation, through communication. " "The more frequently we come together as a group, the more we bond w/ each other." "There has to be shared value and understanding of what service is for living donation based." "The very core center of my life is to witness what is going on within and notice that there is an appreciation and simple beauty." "I’m realizing that each of us is unique and the key is to find the interrelatedness in this uniqueness." "The edge I'm working on now is how to put my self into situations that are less than ideal & open my heart to the whole experience." "I love the question, 'What are you passionate about?' rather than, 'What do you do?'

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