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Posted by Meghna Agrawal on Jul 6, 2013
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A few months ago, we had an interesting Awakin gathering in Ahmedabad. On the morning of that Wednesday, I checked the RSVP list which read 10 guests. I visited the MBL office that morning for a meeting and saw a lot of out of town friends were visiting. I had this weird feeling that there will be more at the gathering that night. I rushed home and prepared dinner for 35 people (as opposed to 10 RSVP's)!  After the silence hour, when we opened our eyes, there were not 35, but 48 :) of us meditating in our humble little space.

With knots in my stomach, I said to myself, "It's 'prasad' and we'll serve till the last grain remains."  When I went in the kitchen, though, I found 5 kilos of samosas arranged on the table. It so happened, one lady who regularly attended for 6 months was leaving the area in 2 days, and she brought them to celebrate her last Awakin with us.  Since we did not have enough cutlery, we divided the dinner in 2 shifts.

It was a meal of a lifetime! And that was a happy ending for that day. :)

The story does not end there. Next week we were tagged with 2 dozen plates, 2 dozen cups, 3 serving bowls and 3 serving spoons by the same lady so that all of us could eat together the next time. To this day, we remember her by using the same set of​ cutleries she tagged us with.

How spaces like Awakins provide so many deep experiences is a magic I have to yet understand on a logical level. On a heart level, it's like a puzzle fitting perfectly in its spot.

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Great story, Meghna! I also remember how we were tagged with dishes at our local Awakin as well -- we still use 'em and feel grateful every time. :)