After Spending Half The Day Joyously ...
--Anne-Marie Bauer
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Jun 30, 2013


After spending half the day joyously giving out hugs and small treats in Central Park along with sisters Sarika and Monika and Wednesday attendees Marc and Leena (Leena who about two weeks ago moved from the Bay area) three of us girls Sarika, myself and Leena decided to have lunch at Ayurveda Cafe on the UWS. We were discussing the concept of Karma Kitchen and were dreaming up the idea how this Cafe would be ideal given it's home made "prepared by mom" feel. What ever is made that day is on the menu. With their motto being " We believe food cooked and served with compassion adds a powerful value to the dining experience. That power may be invisible to the human eye but it can be felt by you" I felt it only appropriate to share the concept and experience and gifted two meals to the next two people who walked in the door. I explained the concept to the two servers there, but did not have a smile card on me ( we gave them all out previously with our tags at the park) and made one on the spot with the art supplies on hand. The girls were happy to play a role in this generosity and were so moved by the concept they gifted us chai and dessert on top of our meal! :)


Posted by Anne-Marie Bauer on Jun 30, 2013

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