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Posted by Ragunath Padmanabhan on Jun 22, 2013
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At the most populated time in human history, I find myself and many others suffering like orphans. Ours seems to be the age of orphans and the whole world looks like an orphanage. We sure have access to information about our origins but we have ignored them and have forgotten that we have ignored them. I want to find my tribe, my land, my culture, my soil, my seed and my root. Trusting the darkness, I want to bury myself within all of them well protected from any external influence and lie dormant. That environment will do whatever quantum vibrations needed to stir up my dharma and coax me to jut outside the soil, greeting the sun, the wind and the scientist with inbuilt resilience; with a surety of knowing my destiny and this time trusting the external environment too. And rain or shine, accept everything and always continue to keep leafing, branching, flowering, fruiting with no worry for the future; always favoring abundance and in rapture burst countless seeds and conquer any fear of death. It is then that I would cease to be an orphan - not only when I can name my origin but when I can name my offspring as well.

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  • Kanchan Gokhale wrote ...

    well said!