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Posted by Ana Miller on Jun 10, 2013
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I have just returned from Portugal where I spent a quiet week with my mother.

On arrival I was presented with an act of kindness which made me feel at home. As I was waiting my turn to buy an underground ticket, a couple approached me and asked if I want a 1 day ticket, since they were leaving the country. I gave them a big smile, said thank you and in my heart wished them all the blessings of the world.

Even though I only travel with a back pack it is always packed up with small gifts for my family and friends, it makes me feel like a Summer mother Christmas :-)

Then I was given a very sweet opportunity to do an act of kindness. I went to a bookshop that I love, as I was there looking at all the novelties a gentleman in his 70's got into the shop and started chatting with the shop assistant, by the way they were talking it was clear that he was a regular costumer. He said that he was looking for a 500 pages book that he saw on TV but couldn't remember the name, in a fraction of a second we were all laughing and talking about books like old friends, it was lovely. The gentleman said he was also buying a book for his 11 years old grandson, and shared his love for books.
When it was time to pay ( by now I had a bill 3 times bigger than I had planned :-) lol) I decided to pay for the child's book to everyone's surprise but to my delight, it felt so good.
On the return there was a bit of a chaos to board the airplane, and I was the last one to board, when I was going to sit down there was a lady on my seat and her husband sitting next to her, I told the couple that I didn't mind to seat on the available place. When I looked to my side I saw this very small elderly lady with a terrified look on her face, as I smiled to her she started talking to me me confessed than she was terrified of flying so I spent most of the flight reassuring her that we were not going to fall. By the end of the journey she told me that she was going to visit her only son that was very poorly fighting several cancers, my heart went to her, a mother should not have to go through such a life challenge.
When we arrived to our destination I gave her one of the books I had bought at the bookshop (about hope and healing) for her to give to her son and I wished her and her family love and strength for the life challenges ahead.

Love, Light and Endless Blessings.

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Comments (3)

  • Yoo-Mi Lee wrote ...

    Ana - your kind heart just shines through in all your posts. Thank you for inspiring us through your journey.

  • JoAnn Baker Paul wrote ...

    Anna, those spontaneous moments are the dancing, laughing of hearts! Carrying little gifts ready to share pleases my soul too, ;-)

  • Tamilyn wrote ...

    awww i am glad you had such a great trip my lovely xo i am most moved by what a wonderful gift you gave that woman on the plane listened and cared .. just like you do with sooo many others my self included .Bless you Ana ,much love & light