I Am Zero

Posted by Jon Madian on May 14, 2013
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or All I Care to Know about Number Theory
I am a zero
because i don' know
my origin
I am a zero because 
when I know my origin  
I discover there is no "I",
no me 
there is only the un-circumscribed 
perfection of spirit dissolved in 
the sparkling center of everywhere
I am a zero hero 
champion of emptiness...
an emptiness I doubt,
fear, suspect
and yearn for
When i think i am the child
of the blind genius of atoms
and my mind senses the vast emptiness
in and among molecules
in and among all that makes DNA 
all that is the stuff and beauty of ecologies
built silently by atoms 
into green cathedrals 
then the word universe rings
its bell from temple towers
one verse, 
one poem or song
one harmony 
how we struggle to learn
to sing along
Let us refresh ourselves in the deep
bright well of emptiness 
let us enjoy the beauty
of our reverence
We are children of zero
that's all i care to know of 
number theory... 

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Comments (2)

  • Janis Daddona wrote ...

    That is just beautiful! Thank you.

  • Brian wrote ...

    What a freeing poem! Yes, it helps to just have spiritual reset that frees us from all the noise and attachments of the world! Peace...