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Posted by Ana Miller on May 2, 2013
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Here's a comment that we just received on HelpOthers, that ought to make each of you chuckle ... "Hi there, I just received an awesome Smile Card at the Atlas Purveyors coffee shop in Boulder.  I was lucky enough to be wearing a bright red scarf and supposedly a man - perhaps even the ORIGINATOR of the Smile Cards - had just been in, and said to give a free drink to the next person wearing a colorful top.  Well, I just wanted to find out who that man is because I think he might be my future husband.  This stuff is so incredibly up my alley.  I've done random acts of kindness like this for years, without knowing about the cards.  Anyways, I wanted to say hi.  Hi.  :)"

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  • Kathy Gabriel wrote ...

    Sounds like the makings of a movie ... the power of one! :)