Stop. Breathe. Heal.
--Sarika Jain
6 minute read
Mar 1, 2013



I am feeling a deluge of love and compassion flow through me. As I look at each human face, I think of the wonder and beauty behind each person – how intricate are their features, feelings, perceptions of the world, their personal stories… how complex the permutations and combinations are of all the elements that make up each person. I am amazed with how each person is a beautiful flower in the garden of humanity. I am often lost in wonder about which fine creator has sculpted each person, including myself? Who masterminded this entire project of humanity living on earth, along with each majestic creature, each natural element; and how vast must their thinking, consciousness, love and enthusiasm must be?

I am also feeling this urge to share with the universe that each person must STOP. BREATHE. HEAL. I feel like we are on a fast, running train, with all the insanity pushing us forward towards the brink of disaster – the end of this magnificent project. How can we have lost our way so much, so as to be so divided from each other, so conflicted from within, hating nature, hating our very beings?

I want to hug each person. And tell them to stop. Be happy and accept themselves for who they are. Because no one will ever be perfect in the eyes of the third-dimensional human mind, the collective ego that we are part of. Yet, we are each perfect, as the vessels that we personally chose before we started this life; in order to have tremendous human experience- to learn, to become more aware of the possibilities of everything – every emotion, every creative urge, everything beautiful that can ever be created. For only humans are capable of experiencing a variety of things that no other sentient being can. There are beings in the universe that are watching us with great interest – even our higher selves are enjoying this. So why can’t we just stop what we are doing, breathe, heal, have gratitude and reflect? And enjoy this very present moment of being alive – with so much grandeur all around us?

The planet is so full of wondrous beauty – just an observation of the sky during various times of the day is a reminder that our life is like being in a fine, ever-changing and stunning painting! The variety of flowering plants and animals, cute, cuddly beings – the magic of babies and children, of beautiful women, of daring and compassionate men, of all things possible on this amazing planet? That there is a new instance of each and every one of us, every micro-second?

When I think about this for even a moment, I am blown away by the sheer complexity and magnitude of beauty even possible, changing every moment. We are part of a grand experiment, and we must be grateful for this unique experience.

Now, on to the more difficult message… amidst the backdrop of beauty and wonder, each one of is suffering. We are carrying a lot of pain within us – from past lives, ancestors, and every ‘unconscious’ moment of current life. We are not victims, and yet, we feel like we have no choice, but to continue to suffer. And herein lies the paradox of being alive! Are we meant to suffer, and yet enjoy each moment that this life has to offer?

Now, the even bigger question – if we weren’t suffering, what kind of potential do we have, as human beings? We have heard of amazing feats – engineers creating complex humanoid robots, young social entrepreneurs working to end child-slavery by selling lemonade, and of course great leaders such as Mother Theresa, Gandhiji, and Nelson Mandela. Yet, I am convinced – our capacity for creation is even greater than what we have ever seen before.


Did you know that each of us is capable of tapping into God energy, and creating our own Niagara Falls? That our capacity for love and compassion is so great, that it could deluge the world, to create anything and everything possible?

What is stopping us from reaching this great potential – what is this dam that’s ready to break? I feel my own dam starting to rumble and lose its strength against this great rush of emotion, one metal beam at a time.

My dear friends, all members of the human race, my message to you is simply this – we are here to love ourselves for who we are – and focus on healing all our spiritual wounds. And at the same time, master the art of living joyfully in the present moment.

Healing wounds is the tough part. What would it take for you to begin the journey of understanding all the spiritual baggage you are carrying, all the pain and suffering transferred on to you by generations of ancestors and past lives? For all the people you must forgive or ask for forgiveness (including yourself) for hurting each other indirectly or directly, for understanding all your seeds of love, compassion, anger and violence; for understanding trauma that is stored in various cells of your body, in your mind, in your etheric body (including your chakras?).

After a year of communion with God, working with a beautiful spiritual healer who came and saved my life, and undergoing tremendous inner healing through many hours of meditation, deep spiritual healing and the process of reconciliation on many layers - my own realization is this: we are meant to crawl through dirty, slimy, humiliating, icky mud, in order to grow into beautiful lotuses.

As I began the journey of understanding myself better, loving myself for who I am, and undergoing difficult transmutations of my negative seeds, I began to become more aware of who I am as a person – how complex my being truly is; how each person is a precious entity, who is also undergoing suffering. This process was fraught with many difficult moments – I cried in subway stations, I had many self-annihilating thoughts, I carried around my anger in a self-righteous manner. I wanted to end this life, for I felt that this struggle was way too difficult to handle.

Yet, I kept going, because, I was not ready to give up; for I had an inkling that, no matter what, I will keep inviting the same karmic lessons in my life, whether this or the next.

Once I had crawled through the mud, one painful day at a time, I finally emerged to see the light of divine love and grace (God), and bathed in her warm, sunny glory. I was amazed and awakened to how my higher self has always collaborated with many divine beings (physical and etheric) to provide me the path to safety, healing, love and compassion for myself and all other beings.

After this year of healing, I feel rested, calm, joyful – and excited about a new reality. A love-filled and magical realm has opened up before me, where all things are possible. This is not to say that I am still working on my fears, my negative seeds, other energy blockages and stored trauma, and I have accepted the lessons that my higher self has placed ahead of me for my growth and awareness. Yet, through living a life of gratitude and grace, and feeling oneness and having trust in the universe, makes me believe that magic is truly possible.


Posted by Sarika Jain on Mar 1, 2013