Abundance Descends In All Its Glory :)

Posted by Khushmita Sanghvi on Jan 19, 2013
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This wednesday the awakin gathering at the urban ashram was indeed a lesson in abundance flowing in from the universe!

Mona, a regular attendee of the wed's called me a day earlier and requested that her mom really wants to cook for all of us as a token of gratitude and appreciation. She volunteered to cook a delicious rajasthani meal for all the people attending the wed. We were delighted to see Mona and her mom come in early on wed evening and really take great efforts to cook a lavish meal for all! It was the first time Mona's mom had attended the wed but she still was the first one to enter and the last one to leave ensuring every single guest had eaten her meal cooked and served with pure love. Post the gathering she even sang a beautiful song for all of us in her melodious voice :)

We had another wonderful person amidst us, Chandrakant Uncle who happens to be the father of Gauri about whom Pavi had blogged a few days back. We got in touch with Gauri who attends the awakin gatherings at Santa Clara and invited her father who lives in Pune to our gathering here. It was Uncle's birthday that day and he came with a bagful of beautiful bookmarks for each one of us that he had handcrafted and designed with wonderful calligraphy as well as 2 beautiful sketches. It was such a joy to receive these heart crafted gifts from him :) he also shared that he was in the U.S with his daughter for 4 months and never attended the awakin gathering there but is now very keen to do so whenever he goes there again!

Another wonderful friend of ours Sangeeta, who is a healer and handcrafts these beautiful 'Ojo's' also known as sacred geometry symbols also came and brought us some wonderful creations of ojo's on which she had prayed and meditated so as to bless the awakin circle.

Just as we thought, that the gifts were too many already, we were further surprised to receive a package of beautiful Osho books and calendar from a dear friend and a package of Dharma Comic books sent anonymously from the U.S to us!

We were thoroughly excited to see so many gifts of love and abundance all over the house that night and truly sent heartfelt love and gratitude to each being who has touched our lives in all manners whether big or small..

The Awakin journey continues with all our fellow pilgrims holding hands and uplifting each other on the path as we walk..and keep walking..

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Comments (2)

  • Audrey wrote ...

    Wow! So many beautiful ripples!

  • Sangeeta wrote ...

    Abundance flows is right :) I came there carrying a couple of Ojos, but returned with a beautiful hand painted Kabir Stone, book mark and delicious food. Not only that, was delighted to see that the seeds of 'Spread the Word' that were planted some while back have blossomed into the Trust Library and I was a happy recipient of a most interesting book. Needless to say, the space, silence and generous hosts are a gift in themselves.
    Having enabled such a beautiful space of flow, abundance is but natural. Thank you :)

    PS: I feel its no co-incidence that the snap you shared is of a Ziker(variation of Ojos) made while contemplating the question, "How best can I serve the world?". Little wonder that the Ziker is now at Urban Ashram and the snap on this blog :)

    much love